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Facts are actually one of the most important commodities in our lives. There is no such thing as an “alternative” fact. There are lots of opinions. And just because some of these opinions get promoted and repeated does not elevate them to the vaunted position of a fact. Getting a bunch of people to believe a lie has never made it true. But all too often we are confronted with tainted spin and outright lies that we are expected not just believe but act on.

So welcome to what we hope will become a refuge for those seeking solace and calm from the fake universe of the false and the twisted.

FactKeepers is a site dedicated to the curation of factual information. What does that mean you may well ask.


According to the Oxford Dictionary site, “[to] curate something [is] to collect, select and present information or items such as pictures, video, music, etc. for people to use or enjoy, using your professional or expert knowledge.”

Further filmmaker Martin Scorsese say that “[to curate] is an act of generosity—you’re sharing what you love and what has inspired you.”

Facts inspire us.

In fact, after the past four years we love facts even more and the founders of this site are inspired by the idea that the curation and nurturing of facts will actually contribute to the improvement of society and the lives of all of us.

We encourage readers to contribute and interact with our posts. And if we get something wrong PLEASE let us know!

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