Fact Heroes: Percy Schmeiser, the Farmer Who Fought Monsanto

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Fact Heroes, Environment

Fact Heroes: Percy Schmeiser, the Farmer Who Fought Monsanto

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Fact Heroes, Environment

Percy Schmeiser was a farmer who found himself under attack by one of the largest chemical companies in the world, Monsanto.

His story has been told in many forums, but now has been made into a major motion picture starring Christopher Walken, Christina Ricci and Zach Braff.

Percy Schmeiser farmed canola crops in Canada. He was not just a farmer, he was also a seed breeder and as such saved and reused his seeds so as not to have to purchase new seed every year.

Some of his crops were contaminated with Monsanto’s GMO canola. Monsanto sued him for patent infringement, and won. Repeatedly. Schmeiser took his case all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court, where he won a partial victory which voided the massive financial judgements Monsanto had won.

The case is still controversial. Canola was the first GMO crop in Canada. But the nature of the canola or rapeseed plant is such that it can easily cross contaminate to non-GMO varieties.

Percy Schmeiser’s case and his refusal to knuckle under to Monsanto’s bullying is something of legend.

If there was ever a template for the concept of the “evil corporation,” Monsanto furnished it. Now owned by chemical and pharma giant, Bayer, Monsanto employed an army of paid liars in the form of corrupted academics, PR flacks and lawyers to protect its profit stream. Monsanto’s corrupting influence was also deeply embedded in the United States government. The original 2008 Wikileaks data dump of classified documents contained records of the U.S. State Department pressuring the French government to accept Monsanto’s GMO products.

And this is who Percy Scheimser stood up to. Enjoy the trailer of this film commemorating his fight.


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