Fiona Hill, a Fact Hero of the Trump Era

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Fact Heroes

Fiona Hill, a Fact Hero of the Trump Era

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Fact Heroes

Fiona Hill testified at the first impeachment hearing of the former President. Her opening statement was stunning, blowing up the fiction that Trump and Russia were pushing that the Ukraine had somehow interfered with the 2016 election.

As a former member of the National Security Council under Donald Trump, it is not surprising that Fiona Hill has now released a memoir. But with this author there is a huge difference. In stark contrast to Stephanie Grisham, Fiona Hill went to the mat defending the country rather than remaining silent until it came time to do PR for her book.

As a brief rewind into history, Fiona Hill testified at the first impeachment hearing of the former President. Her opening statement was stunning. Rather than describe it, here it is in video. (Note: This clip is set to begin with her bombshell statement at about 5 minutes in. It is worth watching the entire statement.)

Fiona Hill went on to answer the questions of the investigating committee. Hill’s testimony blew the lid off of the illegal and incompetent operation Trump’s people were trying to set up to undermine Joe Biden’s campaign for the White House. She then faced retaliation from the Trump White House and it’s proxies. After her testimony at the impeachment hearing, Hill received death threats.

As she related in an interview with NPR’s Terry Gross on yesterday, “I stopped answering my telephone, switched off the answering machine, got some security cameras,” she says. “I was advised to seal up the mail slot on my door to make sure nobody put a pipe bomb or a packet of powder through it.”

Fiona Hill served with distinction as a non-partisan professional in her service to three Presidents. And then withstood the retaliation of the last one without support or protection. In the final analysis, she stood tall for her Oath of Office, an act that was in itself heroic as more and more revelations pour out of the acts of outright treason by the former President and his crew.

I’ve ordered a copy of her book myself and urge others to do so. She, rather than opportunists like Stephanie Grisham or Bob Woodward deserves to be remunerated for her documentation. The latter two did not reveal their facts until it was profitable to them and thus to the detriment of the rest of us.


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