The Wind Turbine Wall — Adding Design and Aesthetics to Wind Energy

by | Feb 13, 2022 | Progress & Solutions, Climate & Environment

The Wind Turbine Wall — Adding Design and Aesthetics to Wind Energy

by | Feb 13, 2022 | Progress & Solutions, Climate & Environment

Wind energy generation has one particular advantage: wind blows at night. So a Wind Turbine Wall concept can be even less battery dependent in the dark hours than solar.

As solar and wind gets more and more adoption in the utility world, their use in the home environment has radically increased—at least with solar. It is now totally normal to see homes with solar panels on the roof. Occasionally you’ll see a whole Tesla roof—which is a huge design improvement over the generic panels seen far and wide.

Windmills used in home electrical generation solutions are not so plentiful. For one thing, they are pretty ugly in general. Most people don’t want to have a windmill poking up above the their trees or a piddling tiny one on the roof.

Designer Joe Doucet has other ideas for this problem. Enter the Wind Turbine Wall.


Wind energy generation has one particular advantage for home use: wind blows at night. So Joe Doucet’s “kinetic wall” concept can be even less battery dependent in the dark hours than solar.

As you can see in the short video above, a number of different blade designs could be applied to this concept.

Since aesthetics are always a factor in getting technology adopted, as clearly demonstrated by numerous companies like Apple and Tesla, this clever design innovation could help open another door to making homes energy self-sustaining. Who wouldn’t want to see an end to utility monopolies?


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