What is Critical Race Theory and Why Does FOX News Hate It?

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Racism (Us vs Them), Politics, Corruption & Criminality

What is Critical Race Theory and Why Does FOX News Hate It?

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Racism (Us vs Them), Politics, Corruption & Criminality

FOX News is working overtime to attack Critical Race Theory. And they are not alone. So what is the intent?

Let’s do the usual and start with definitions. “Critical race theory is a practice. It’s an approach to grappling with a history of white supremacy that rejects the belief that what’s in the past is in the past, and that the laws and systems that grow from that past are detached from it,” said Kimberlé Crenshaw, a founding critical race theorist and a law professor at UCLA and Columbia University, told CNN last year.

In academia, critical race theorists focus on how America’s history of racism and discrimination continues to impact the country today, particularly in how racism may have been brushed aside in previous historical accounts

The American Bar Association has an excellent deep dive into Critical Race Theory that is also quite digestible from a lay standpoint.

According to Business Insider, FOX has mentioned Critical Race Theory more than 1300 times since March of this year. The article theorizes that unlike Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton, FOX has had difficulties in trying to reduce Joe Biden to some sort of a caricature. So they are shifting the attention to stigmatizing CRT. This is a covert attack on his support base in the African American demographic.

This propagandization has had an effect. The Miami Herald recently reported that Florida had banned Critical Race Theory from schools in the state. This was done by a State Board of Education vote at the behest of Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis wanted to keep the “crazy liberal stuff” out of the curriculum.

Today NBC News reports that “In towns nationwide, well-connected conservative activists, and Fox News, have ramped up the tension in fights over race and equity in schools.”

The endless stream of invective from FOX on this subject seems to be the tip of the spear of a coordinated attack on history education in this country. It is unquestionably an effort to whitewash it.

Remember the famous quote from George Santayana, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

This begs the question, “Are FOX and it’s allies determined to make the history of slavery repeat itself?”

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