A Karmic Window into the Future in Trumpland

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Opinions & Commentary

A billboard in support of Trump defaced in Houston. (Courtesy of Rogelio Garcia via Twitter)

A Karmic Window into the Future in Trumpland

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Opinions & Commentary

A billboard in support of Trump defaced in Houston. (Courtesy of Rogelio Garcia via Twitter)
A whimsical look into a future where after a couple of years in prison, Trump is moved to the psych ward because his ranting about a stolen election becomes unbearable to the prison personnel. “He won’t shut the f.. up about it.”

Karma is a bitch. It will bite you in the ass eventually.

Now, unless you are a blood relative of Sean Hannity, there’s no more debate: Trump orchestrated a failed coup, a failed insurrection. His intent was to institute a fascist state, with Trump as King, very similar to his buddy Putin’s government.

Democracy held serve. Only the criminal trials remain.

Here’s my prediction:

Trump is arrested for Treason, which per U.S. Code Title 18, is punishable by death. Trump, a resident of Florida, will be on Florida’s death row, anxiously waiting for DeSantis to pardon him.

Only one problem: DeSantis won’t pardon him because he is afraid Trump would run against him in the Republican Primary. In a battle of nastiness, hate, innuendo, lies, disinformation, misogamy, racism, homophobia, DeSantis knows Trump would emerge victorious from that mosh pit. By the way, there is precedent here: in 1904, James Curley won the Boston Democratic primary while still in jail.

It’s hard to out-Trump Trump.

In response to this, Trump, and Rudy (yes, he’s back and in the next cell) collaborate on a new social media platform titled Prison Central. Kanye West and Vanilla Ice provide the theme music. While Trumps’ lawyers file appeal after appeal, Trump decides he’s gonna run for President in 2024, becoming the first-ever death row Presidential candidate. Trump’s campaign message is simple: he will put the libs in the electric chair. Trump’s base is over the moon about this new platform and readily contributes to Trump’s new fund-raising con. Trump states that when he is President, he will televise the executions. The networks see dollar signs with this new reality show concept, and Trump starts entertaining offers for the new show, tentatively entitled Kill of the Week.

He promises to start with Mike Pence, kickstarting the fall line-up

Fox News wins the bidding war and Sean Hannity, a fellow prisoner, will provide the play-by-play while the Pillow Man, another fellow prisoner, brings color commentary. One side note, after a couple of years, Trump is moved to the psych ward when his ranting about a stolen election becomes unbearable to the prison personnel. As one prison guard stated, “He won’t shut the f.. up about it.”

After 20 years, when Trump loses his final appeal, he comes up with his last con: Trump asks the world, what would you eat for your last meal? McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Mike’s Subs, the Soup Nazi, KFC, etc., all bid for the right to serve his last meal, which Trump insisted be Televised.

The bidding became intense, but McDonald’s won. In the contract, McDonald’s insisted that the deal was off if it was found later that there was ketchup on the wall.


<a href="http://curtsview.com/" target="_blank">Curt Strickland</a>

Curt Strickland

Curt Strickland is one of the principal owners of Great American Art, an art and design company located outside Boston. Founded almost 40 years ago, Great American Art designs, manufactures and installs art throughout the country. Curt is also one of the principle photographers for Great American, specializing in landscape and cityscape images. His philosophy as an artist is embraced in GAPCO’s mission:

“Art should serve to heal, inspire, provoke, challenge and to offer hope – but most of all to connect… to remind us of our common humanity.”


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