Anti-Vax Economics — What Does It Cost to Stay Alive if You Get Hospitalized with Covid?

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Money and Politics, Quick Facts

Anti-Vax Economics — What Does It Cost to Stay Alive if You Get Hospitalized with Covid?

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Money and Politics, Quick Facts

It's almost like the anti-vax movement is a marketing army for Big Pharma. But, nobody could be that evil, could they?

The image above, posted on Twitter as coming from an ER physician, shows the drugs necessary to keep one Covid patient alive in the ICU for one day.

Multiply this by the number of days the patient is in the hospital. Now multiply this by the number of people hospitalized for Covid at any given time just in the US. As of a few days ago, that was about 40,000 people. It has been as high as about three times that many.

Let’s just take one item as a benchmark. Front and center is an bottle labeled paracematol, also known as acetaminophen (Tylenol), in this case delivered as an infusion. The general cost of this infusion is about $35 per bottle. And there are four bottles in the shot. So that is $140. Times 40,000 for one day. That is a national bill of about $5.6 million for one day of a pain reliever/fever reducer. And this is just what it is costing the hospitals. Remember, those hospital billing departments will mark up this drug to an astronomical level before billing insurance, the government or the patient. Let’s not forget that the $35 cost is also already an inflated price which is just normal business in this country.

That is just one drug. And a “cheap” one at that.

It is probably safe to say that drug companies could not be more pleased with the anti-vax movement and their propaganda campaigns.

Anti-vaxxers are beyond indignant over the money Big Pharma is making on the vaccines for Covid. Yes, that is obscene, especially when one considers that much of the research was paid for with our tax dollars.

But that profit volume pales when compared to the money being spent to keep infected people alive.

And it is as plain as the orange color on the former guy’s face that the more people who are not vaccinated, the more people will get sick and need these other drugs. it’s almost like the anti-vax movement is a marketing army for Big Pharma. But, nobody could be that evil, could they?

Don’t forget the revelation that Ron DeSantis’s biggest donor makes a ton of money from Regeneron, the Covid drug that DeSantis is promoting as a solution to his refusal to support mask and vaccination mandates.

Allow lives to get in the way of profits? Hell no! That’s Un-American!



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