Fact Hero: James Bode, Lyft Driver

by | May 17, 2022 | Fact Heroes, Racism (Us vs Them)

Lyft driver James Bode

Fact Hero: James Bode, Lyft Driver

by | May 17, 2022 | Fact Heroes, Racism (Us vs Them)

Lyft driver James Bode
When confronted with racist passengers, Lyft driver James Bode immediately did the right thing. And recorded the entire incident.

Rideshare driver James Bode was doing his thing a few nights ago. He arrived to pick up a ride outside a bar in Catasauqua, Pa, two passengers. As the female rider enters the car she says, “Wow, you’re like a white guy.”

James refused the ride in spite of being threatened by the woman’s companion. Here’s the video of the incident:

As you can see and hear in the video, the male passenger launched into a racist tirade and threatened Bode, who while agitated by the incident, held his ground.

The video has spread across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and elsewhere, and the fallout has been immediate for Jackie Harford, owner of Fossil’s Last Stand.

Harford reportedly shut down the bar’s website and Facebook page and deleted her personal page. Local news outlets reported that the bar appeared to be closed Saturday and the phone rang unanswered and that Harford could not be reached for comment.

Too often people gloss over racist commentary as unimportant or “background noise.” We all benefit when someone holds the line and calls it out for what it really is.

In about two days time, James Bode’s Twitter following exploded from about 1400 to over 46,000 and is still blowing up.


  1. Kathleen Hatt

    James you are a hero for standing up to these racist jerks. You didn’t even hesitate. More people need to stand up to these people. They think they have something in common with all white people. Not acceptable and thank you for calling them out!

  2. Rick

    As white men it is our responsibility to shame those who disparage any minority group or this type of behavior will spread like the cancer it is. Thanks for taking a stand and being a stand up guy.


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