FOX News and the Battle Between Truth and Fiction

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Money and Politics, Opinions

FOX News and the Battle Between Truth and Fiction

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Money and Politics, Opinions

The refusal of FOX News to broadcast an ad containing true information about the Jan 6 Insurrection makes FOX an active player in the coverup of the attempted overthrow of our government.

Many years ago I had the occasion to meet the very talented photographer, Pedro Meyer. Photoshop had just come on the scene and Pedro was combining his work with pioneering artistic manipulations in Photoshop. The resulting art pieces were published in an appropriately titled book, Verdades y Ficciones (Truth and Fictions).

For some reason I was reminded of Pedro’s work or rather the title of it when I saw this video which FOX News refused to air in spite of being paid over $184,000 to do so.

This ad is a composition of statements made by Capitol Police Officers about their experiences during the Insurrection of 1/6.

I retweeted this video on our Twitter feed this morning and got this excellent and on-point response.

And we have arrived at the heart of the matter. FOX News, or as I like to call it, FAUX News, is not in the reporting business at all. They are in the lying business. This is an organization with an agenda. It is not a news gathering organization, it is a news fabrication business.

The refusal to broadcast true information is in itself a lie. In this case it makes FOX an active player in the coverup of the attempted overthrow of our government.

The former guy tried to brand news reporting organizations as an enemy of the people. But in the case of FOX—and to this add Breitbart, OANN and NewsMax—this label certainly applies.


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