How About a National Ghost a Bully Day?

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Opinions, Progress & Solutions

Photo by IPGGutenbergUKLtd/Getty Images

How About a National Ghost a Bully Day?

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Opinions, Progress & Solutions

Photo by IPGGutenbergUKLtd/Getty Images
There is no liability to anyone who ignores the rantings of a psychotic bully. Quite the contrary. You get to do your job and enjoy your day without a nutcase borrowing space in your head.

I don’t know about you, but my days go better when I am not thinking about how to deal with internet trolls, nasty and rude drivers and comments from the former president.

It has long been obvious that many media outlets don’t really care about relevant reporting so much as eyeball-driving headlines. Reason? The eyeball-drivers make them money. When enough of us click, they get paid, simple as that.

And apparently no one gets them paid more than comments and inflammatory bile from the former guy. Honestly, he’s been using this same shtick for nearly 20 years. And he knows he can keep doing it because news sites and shows will cover it. People watch. They get paid. Rinse and repeat.

Of course, others have now gotten in on the same game. Wannabes, has beens and never weres in government or business will push the stupidest lies possible because, anyone that crazy has to be a headline. Right?

Just today we have a murderer taking a victory lap and visiting the former guy at his wannabe Southern White House. It is a disgusting display. News outlets are eating it up. And getting paid.

The Fix

We can fix this. After the last five years does anyone think the former guy will suddenly say, “Oh, hell. I really did lose. Sorry, just kidding. I’ll be on my way.” Not likely. In other words, he is entirely predictable. So are the rest of the Bozo squad, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Lauren Boebert, Steve Bannon, the list goes on. All entirely predictable.

In real life would the majority of us ever consent to spending one minute of time with these useless warts? Probably not. We’d ghost these fools in a blink.

So why click on headlines about them? This is how we shut them down. Ghost them. Ignore them. Don’t bother to click on the headline for a story that will piss you off. You already know where it is going to go.

There is no liability to anyone who ignores the rantings of a psychotic. Quite the contrary. You get to do your job and enjoy your day without a nutcase borrowing space in your head.

The dirty little secret about these despicable people is that they have little or no personal power, ability or even charisma. They are just emotional bullies. What they do have is an ability to get people riled up and angry. But guess what. When you’re angry and upset you get less done and enjoy your life less. Duh. And that’s where the bully gets the win.

Ghost a bully and you win, they lose. And when media outlets forward their drek. Ignore them. Do that enough times and the media guys will move on to something else that will get a click instead of these predictable wackos.

Here’s another dirty little secret. Some of these media guys are plain lazy. If we start ignoring their lazy work of just forwarding insane messaging, they will have to go and do some real journalism.

There is a lot of talk about society being controlled by “the media.” Bullshit. Media outlets craft messaging that they think we want. You can tell them otherwise by what you DON’T click on.

The former guy and his little batch of psycho sycophants thrive on our attention. Don’t give it to them.

Your click is like a vote. When you click on a headline about the former guy or his enablers or other factually useless morons, you’re voting for them.

You can change things by simply clicking on something else. Don’t take the clickbait.

So now a National Ghost a Bully Day actually sounds fun, right?

Let’s #GhostaBully and make every day Ghost a Bully Day.


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