Louisiana Senate Candidate Campaigns by Burning the Confederate Flag

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Fact Heroes, Progress & Solutions, Quick Facts

Louisiana Senate Candidate Campaigns by Burning the Confederate Flag

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Fact Heroes, Progress & Solutions, Quick Facts

US Senate Candidate Gary Chambers burns the confederate flag to promote the removal of racial inequity from America once and for all.

A candidate for the U.S. Senate for Louisiana, Gary Chambers, has come up with a great concept for contrasting the ideals of the United States against the ideals that still smoulder under the surface in the South.

Our senses are all too frequently assaulted by the vestiges of racism and slavery that still exist in many of our states. Louisiana is a prime example of this problem.

With the release of this campaign ad, Chambers draws the direct connection to the imperative of rolling back the re-encroachment of Jim Crow on our country.

The symbolism is profound in Chambers’s ad. Also on-point is his narration.

We encourage all our readers to enjoy and share this video. We all need to take a stand nationally against the tide of racism, antisemitism and religious bigotry unleashed by the former president during his four years of abuse of office.

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  1. SDK

    This was a fabulous story, and think it is by far overdue! Hopefully he will win. He sounds like someone who’s voice needs to be amplified!


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