Overcoming Our Differences—With or Without a Heineken

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Opinions, Fact Heroes

Overcoming Our Differences—With or Without a Heineken

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Opinions, Fact Heroes

Back in 2017, Heineken did a commercial, a rather long one, almost 4 and a half minutes. But it was completely worth it. Trump had been in office by nine months by that time and the exploitation of differences in opinion and hate was in full swing. A month earlier we saw the rise of Nazism again in the US with the Unite the Right Rally which resulted in the murder of Heather Heyer and Trump’s calling Nazis and White Supremacists “some very fine people.”

Into this environment, Heiniken put considerable time and expense into creating a video which while it is a commercial, pointed out the solution that the purveyors of hate seriously dislike: open and direct communication.

We are all more the same than different. This is a basic, unassailable fact. White, black, brown, male, female, transgender, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddist, Scientologist or atheist, we are all one thing: people.

Those that profit from hate want us to forget this fact. And make no mistake, our lives mean less than nothing to these folks when we come between them and their dollars, Deutsch Marks, Pounds, Francs and Euros.

But we have a massive advantage. The instigators of hate and strife are a tiny minority. We out number them by a staggering proportion.

So when you are presented an opportunity to hate or have shattering disagreements over politics, the environment, gender issues or religion, don’t bother. Have a beer, or not, but do have a chat.

Enjoy the video:

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