The “Law and Order” GOP Has Become the Professional Victims Unit

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Opinions & Commentary

Photo by Sean Lee

The “Law and Order” GOP Has Become the Professional Victims Unit

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Opinions & Commentary

Photo by Sean Lee
The posturing outrage of the former guy tells us a lot more than the fact that he's pissed about the FBI taking away his secrete document stash. It tells us that he has more to hide—a lot more.

Some of the things constantly present in Republican social media posts these days are complaints about Federal law enforcement agencies. This is a strange messaging strategy from the party that bills itself as the party of “Law and Order.”

But there it is every day roiling along on Twitter: “Defund the FBI!” “Abolish the FBI!”

What’s also interesting about this sampling of Tweets is that they come from people who are Members of Congress—members who by their participation in January 6th, don’t actually qualify to hold office. (See Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.)

Of course these three are just part of the former president’s Greek chorus of robotic supporters, echoing his outrage at being caught red-handed (ketchup references welcome) with classified documents he denied he had.

The posturing outrage of the former guy tells us a lot more than the fact that he’s pissed about the FBI taking away his secrete document stash. It tells us that he has more to hide—a lot more. Hence his frothing and complaining accusing the FBI and others of all manner of abuse. Listening to the former guy and his wannabe clones, one would think the country was being overrun by Gestapo troops and all of our doors were about to be kicked in. Actually, it feels calmer.

But the fact remains that the person in charge of the FBI at this very moment was appointed by said former guy. Ironically, all of these complainers and whiners were in a similar froth a few years ago when the BLM movement had its own PR gaff with the phrase, “Defund the police.”

It’s not that these guys are just hypocrites and fools—okay, that is a big factor—they are just so invested in lying constantly that they can’t remember their previous outrages and have to concentrate really hard to stay focused on the current one.

There is a paradox at play here that is amusing to observe. Criminals are actually quite stupid and are trying continually to get caught. This is a widely known phenomenon. But how they go about it is interesting.

Listening to Biggs, the former guy, Boebert and particularly Marjorie Taylor Greene, you would think these people took a master class in how to be a victim while demonstrating an utter lack of responsibility for their actions. But that’s pretty much the picture—hence the word play in the title of this piece.

A few days ago a judge in New Mexico tossed the founder of Cowboys for Trump, Couy Griffin, from his County Commissioner post in a decision based entirely on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Newly optimistic observers are hoping for many, many more instances of this—146 of them in Congress alone.

As far as this country is concerned, we need representatives that work for the electorate that put them into office. These folks work for us, regardless of what side of the aisle they are on. I don’t think I’m alone when I say, “If you’re just going to play professional victim, you aren’t working for me. You’re fired.”

And on November 8th, we can commence doing the firing.

Marty Kassowitz

Marty Kassowitz

Marty Kassowitz is co-founder of Factkeepers. As founder of Interest Factory and View360, he brings more than 30 years experience in effective online communications, social media management, and platform development to the site. He is a writer, designer, editor and long time observer of the ill-logic demonstrated by too many members of the species known as Mankind. After a long history of somewhat private commentary on a subject he totally hates: politics, Marty was encouraged to build this site and put up his own analyses as well as curate relevant content from other sources.


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