The Leave-Behinds of a Liar — Why We Still Have a Country Despite Trump

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Opinions, Money and Politics

Trump's "stop the steal" rally that spawned a deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The Leave-Behinds of a Liar — Why We Still Have a Country Despite Trump

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Opinions, Money and Politics

Trump's "stop the steal" rally that spawned a deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

I’ve learned a thing or two about managing personnel over the years. One thing is that there is no one so indignant as a liar that isn’t being believed. Sometimes chronic liars are so divorced from reality that they are downright insulted when, even when caught dead to rights in a lie, they hit you with another one and just can’t believe that you no longer trust them.

The second thing is that once a person who has done a really bad job on his post is removed from it, you find out a lot more about what he was really doing. The person who appears merely inactive is anything but inactive. In reality he is doing everything possible to screw things up and blame others for it.

The characteristics of the indignant liar and the covertly destructive are also pretty much joined at the hip. They are two sides of the same coin. One other characteristic goes with this. They are pretty much universally incompetent and never really get anything done. And this factor alone can be useful to those around these people. Also lucky for us, these folks are a tiny minority of the population. It is always healthy to remember that the vast majority of people are social, responsible and caring.

A real-life example of this nasty little minority was a person that worked for me when I managed a sales department for a large internet service provider. I caught the guy in lies one too many times and sent him to HR for termination. He was utterly indignant and refused to believe that his word would not be trusted, but he was fired and I washed my hands of him. Then I started getting calls from a customer that this now-departed rep had sold a web design project to. Well, the company did not do or sell this web design services. The rep essentially conned this guy out of $5000 and then the customer tried to come after the ISP for it. “The inactive and incompetent are always actively doing something else” is an invariable rule.

And this brings me to the real point: Trump. To call him a serial liar is a study in understatement that would make an Englishman envious. We knew he was lying, a running tally was kept. And it appeared he spent four years whiling away his time watching FOX and golfing. That was partially true. But now almost every day new information on his real crimes is coming out. This is the other thing to remember: “When a bad hat is fired, what he’s been hiding will show up almost automatically.”

What we know so far, aside from the obvious of his attempted coup, is that he was doing just about everything he accused Obama and Democrats of doing. But this is normal fare for the criminal—accusing others of what they themselves are doing in an attempt to deflect scrutiny.

If you want to know what crimes Trump has committed or is committing now—just because he’s no longer in office does not mean he stopped being a criminal—simply make notes of what he accuses others of doing. Then look and sure enough you’ll find him doing that and more.

The final characteristic—incompetence—is really our saving grace and probably why we still have a country. Trump, viewed as a regular person, is actually stark raving nuts. The ability to start an action or project and then carry on through to completing it is missing from his mental toolbox. What remains is the ability to make disjointed comments and accusations. A couple of monkeys slamming randomly at typewriter keys can sometimes make more sense.

As an individual, Trump’s only real capability is to rile up people who have a poor grasp of facts and of the rules of our country as defined by the Constitution. The truly dangerous people are those who see him as useful and are backing him. These folks have an agenda. The fact that Trump looks useful to them, as patently incompetent as he is, speaks volumes—and not really very pleasant ones at that.

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