Trump, Voter Fraud and Election Fraud

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Money and Politics, Quick Facts

Photo: akshmiprasad S, iStockphoto

Trump, Voter Fraud and Election Fraud

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Money and Politics, Quick Facts

Photo: akshmiprasad S, iStockphoto
Always remember that criminals accuse others of their own crimes. Trump, his family and his cronies are falsely accusing others of fraudulently voting. But meanwhile they've engaged in a wholesale attempt to steal an election with blatant election fraud.

Ever since Trump entered the political arena and won election through the Electoral College in 2016 rather than the popular vote, he’s harped on the subject of voter fraud.

He was so incensed that Hillary Clinton beat him soundly in the popular vote, ever the sore winner, that he repeatedly claimed that three million people voted illegally. Of course there was never a shred of evidence of this.

Trump signed an executive order in May of 2017 creating a commission to investigate this “massive voter fraud.” Over a year later the commission, which was chaired by VP Mike Pence but actually run by former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach—who took every opportunity to claim 3.2 million people voted illegally—never produced any evidence at all.

But the echos of the false accusations of voter fraud accompanied by the word massive continued to reverberate in the minds of Republican legislators in 19 states. This has now resulted in “election security” laws that are actually voter suppression laws, attempting to predetermine the outcome of the next election, this year.

Always remember that criminals accuse others of their own crimes. They really can’t seem to help themselves. Trump, his family and his cronies are no exception. They continue to falsely accuse others of fraudulently voting. That accusation is a fact. So what have they really been doing? Outright attempting to steal an election with election fraud.

Daily news reports of the evidence being assembled by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Insurrection are staggering. The charges of seditious conspiracy leveled against the members of Oath Keepers coupled with their arrest. The subpoenas yesterday of Trump’s attorneys. These are all important factors.

The mind blowing revelation that a number of states sent forged documents with a slate of fake electors to the National Archive to subvert the election is a show stopper. This is pure election fraud put forth by forgery. It failed because competence is not the real strength of criminals—contrary to movie super-villains. This is part of why they are criminals, aside from simply being nuts.

There actually were a few cases of voter fraud discovered—people who voted twice. The irony is that they were Trump voters.

Trump still insists at every opportunity that the 2020 election was stolen from him. Of course in the meantime he is using every possible maneuver to prevent the Select Committee from examining his records and communications. An innocent person would be eager to cooperate and produce evidence.

The lessons of history are stark for people like Trump. Sooner or later, it all comes out in the wash in Washington, D.C. Nixon learned it. The White House Plumbers learned it. Trump, his family and his cronies are learning it now, but refusing to recognize the lesson.


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