What Divides Delusion from Treason?

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Opinions

A frame from the video promotion of the Qanon convention in Dallas over Memorial Day Weekend.

What Divides Delusion from Treason?

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Opinions

A frame from the video promotion of the Qanon convention in Dallas over Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day weekend is typically an honored tradition of paying homage to those who came before us an ended up sacrificing their very lives for the set of agreements we see as America.

This weekend’s version saw plenty of that, but news reports are rife with coverage of stories in the opposite vein.

First we have the former President talking to his inner circle—one possibly resembling the swirl of a flushed toilet—that he expects to be “reinstated” in the White House by August. Is this his intention? If so, that’s not delusion, it is treason. Does he have a more aggressive plan than the one he so gloriously fumbled on January 6th? If he does, that’s treason.

Possibly the most important saving grace for our Constitution is this man’s complete ineptness. Not only was he a complete failure in upholding his Oath of Office, but thankfully he was also utterly incompetent in mustering his attempted coup.

Meanwhile in Dallas, the faithful lemmings that compose the ranks Qanon followers gathered for a “not-for-Qanon” Qanon convention. News wires have been melting down over the statement by former National Security Advisor and self-confessed liar, Michael Flynn—considered a celebrity by Qanon Koolaiders.

Flynn appeared in a discussion on stage at the convention. A man in the audience asked Flynn: “I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here?” Flynn responded with, “No reason. I mean, it should happen here.”

Of course, predictably, Flynn denies saying this now. But as usual, there’s video.

This is not the first time Flynn has endorsed the idea of military action to overturn the election. As Rolling Stone reports,

“It’s unsettling to hear someone who was so recently the president’s top adviser on national security endorse a military coup to overthrow the government — but it isn’t really that surprising. Flynn’s fascist flirtations are nothing new. He’s even called for a military rule before, like in December when he said then-President Trump should institute martial law in order to “rerun an election” in the battleground states Trump lost to Biden a month earlier.”

In this case Flynn wants us to think that we are the delusional ones for believing what was recorded as his words. But as to the question of delusion or treason, it is clearly the latter.

At least one person sees this clearly as the treason it is, the brother of Alexander Vindman, who was fired by Trump for testifying at one of his Impeachment hearings in Congress.

These characters, Trump, Flynn and the Q-bots—including those in Congress—may be delusional in their treatment of the facts that Trump lost the election fare and square. But they are treasonous in their pursuit of even the smallest action in the direction of acting on those delusions.

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