Is Anti-Vax Messaging Actually Driving “Healthcare” Profits?

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Politics & Corruption, Human Rights & Justice

Anti-vax protest. Photo by DJ Paine

Is Anti-Vax Messaging Actually Driving “Healthcare” Profits?

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Politics & Corruption, Human Rights & Justice

Anti-vax protest. Photo by DJ Paine
Anti-vax hysteria obscures the fact that a vast river of money is being spent on hospitalization of those who bought into anti-vax messaging.

In our last article of 2021 we confront some very dark and disturbing facts. What does it cost to be ill and hospitalized with Covid-19? This becomes a scarily important question with the statistic of over 570,000 new cases reported just yesterday in the United States.

The cost of hospitalization varies from state to state and is subdivided into categories of non-complex and complex inpatient cases. The national average cost of hospitalization for non-complex cases is $74,591. The national average for complex cases is $317,810. An organization called Fair Health gives a full state-by-state breakdown.

When one compares these numbers with the cost of vaccinations, about $14.70, but are free to the public the mind boggles.

But now we add in one more factor. The vast majority of people being hospitalized and/or dying are not vaccinated.

The tumult and upheaval being generated daily by anti-vaxxers spreading dire and false information about the “dangers” of vaccination takes on a different aspect when compared to the rivers of money being spent on hospitalizations. Anti-vaxxers complain loudly about the vast sums being paid by governments for vaccines that they also funded the research for. What makes these arguments sticky is the partial truths contained in them. There is argument with the fact that Pharma companies are rapacious beasts that should often be regarded as cartels.

But anti-vax arguments, so loudly and repeatedly shouted, obscure the far larger river of money being spent on those who bought into the anti-vax hysteria. It is almost like comparing two vast rivers, the Nile and the Amazon. Vaccine profits are like the Nile. And hospitalizations are like the Amazon which carries 60 times more volume than the Nile. But that comparison is actually inadequate as a description. The difference is orders of magnitude higher.

In another article I stated the opinion “It’s almost like the anti-vax movement is a marketing army for Big Pharma. But, nobody could be that evil, could they?” That opinion now appears to be only partially true. That article focused on the drugs used in the course of one day of hospitalization of a Covid patient. The bigger picture of the entire cost is as depressing as the size of our national defense budget, recently approved to the tune of $768 billion—for one year.

How many of the 570,000 new cases recorded yesterday will end up in the hospital? No one knows yet. But one thing is certain, it will be profitable.

How do we solve this? The facts contained in this post might help. The attention of people influence by anti-vax messaging has been directed to their “freedoms,” “their rights,” “the power of their own immune systems,” various conspiracies about vaccines, you name it. The trick is to get these folks to realize that they are being lied to for a profit motive. Human rights fundamentally include the right to survive and to health. But the facts show that these rights are actually put at risk for those who buy into the anti-vax hype.

That’s evil, you might cry out. And you should. It is. Just the same as the aforementioned defense budget. No country in the world spends more on the production of tools for death than we do. So why should anyone be surprised at a profit motive in promoting anti-vax messages. Sure there is money in death. Ask any undertaker. But there is a flow of money like a hundred Amazons in dealing with people who are ill because of being suckered by anti-vax messages.

Sorry to end the year on this note, but sometimes the facts are not happy ones. But the perspective they provide is one that can be used to help family and friends survive.

If it seems farfetched that anyone could be this evil, just look back in history and take a look. Your answer will be staring back at you with blood on its hands.


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