James Comey’s “Let’s Pardon Trump” Book Promotion Tactic

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Opinions

Photo by Mark Warner, Wiki Commons

James Comey’s “Let’s Pardon Trump” Book Promotion Tactic

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Opinions

Photo by Mark Warner, Wiki Commons
James Comey is just another person seeking to profit from his time with Trump and using Trump's own playbook to do it.

Former FBI Director James Comey was interviewed on BBC recently promoting, what else, a new book. Like all the other people who failed to uphold their oath of office during the tenure of Donald Trump, Comey is also peddling a memoir.

Taking a page from the Orange Menace Media Handbook, Comey tossed out an insane idea that President Biden “should consider pardoning Trump.” Comey further stated that a potential pardon from Biden would help “as part of healing the country and getting us to a place where we can focus on things that are going to matter over the next four years.”

Aside from the WTF response this may generate in the minds of many people, helping the country “heal” by letting one of the most destructive criminals in U.S. history to walk with no repercussions would actually have the opposite effect.

It is now obvious that Comey had little to no understanding of criminality and corruption and the effects they can have on a country when perpetrated at a national level.

Let’s take stock. In his last year alone, he set the stage for the death of more Americans than all wars since 1865 combined. He told bold-faced lies about the dangers of COVID-19, fully knowing he was lying. Let’s not forget that a full month before he called COVID a “Democratic hoax” he was recorded in an interview by Bob Woodward saying that the virus was very dangerous and could be transmitted by air. He then set the tone for his administration’s fully incompetent and frankly useless response to the pandemic which has now killed over 900,000 Americans. It is possible a charge of genocide could be leveled at Trump, but that would require showing intent. But with the daily revelations about his participation in the insurrection of January 6th, it is not a far stretch to consider that such evidence might indeed turn up.

Trump’s Department of Homeland Security committed crimes against humanity with the ripping of immigrant children from their parents—and then losing or screwing up the records. The Biden administration is still trying to reunite hundreds of children with their families.

But this piece isn’t about Trump. It is about the abject irresponsibility of yet another person seeking to profit from their time with Trump and using his playbook to do it.

Frankly, the best response to this book would be to ignore it, Comey, and his inane suggestion.

A better book to read would be Terry Jastrow’s tale, The Trial of George W. Bush. In this book the author tells the story of what might have happened if the United States were a party to the International Criminal Court. It is a great read and gets you thinking…

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  1. marc petitpierre

    cannot ever heal until the cancer is cut out


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