An Open Letter to President Biden

by | May 6, 2021 | Opinions

An Open Letter to President Biden

by | May 6, 2021 | Opinions

Dear President Biden... First let me express my gratitude to you, Vice President Harris, and the other members of your Administration for bringing common sense, decency, and respect for life back to the White House.

Dear President Biden,

First, let me express my gratitude to you, Vice President Harris, and the other members of your Administration for bringing common sense, decency, and respect for life back to the White House.

Your words and actions as a candidate and as President make it clear that you are fully aware that we are in a crucial period—the most crucial for the future of our nation and of its people since World War II. You have called this a fight for America’s soul. It is certainly that, and more—much like World War II, it’s a fight for the principles of democracy in the modern world.

The anti-democratic forces have declared themselves openly: they choose to believe, or pretend to believe, blatant lies about the 2020 election in order to justify voter suppression so as to retain and acquire political power; they choose to work on behalf of wealthy individuals and profit-driven corporations who pour money into their campaigns instead working for the welfare of people whom they are supposed to represent; they choose fealty to a corrupt and amoral would-be autocrat over fealty to the Constitution and a government that operates for the people.

What Jan 6th, as well as prior and subsequent events, made clear is that the great majority of the GOP congressional delegation has signed up as soldiers and leaders of those anti-democratic forces. They are fully committed to the means and ends described above, and they will never compromise.

Because that commitment also includes anti-science propaganda and climate change denial, the fate of our children and grandchildren is also hanging in the balance in this battle.

Those of us who believe in democracy must now do whatever is possible in line with American values, the principles of democracy, and the Constitution to retain control of the House and Senate in 2022. But given the breadth and depth of voter suppression laws already on the books and being passed, we have to face the fact that we may lose.

So, given the stakes, I am writing to strongly urge you, your Administration, and the Democratic congressional delegation to take whatever actions are legal and ethical to pass your infrastructure bill and a voting rights bill this year, up to and including dismantling the GOP filibuster wall.

I have heard you say that when working in the House or Senate, one can disagree with the position of a member of the opposite party but should never question their motives. I would like to ask that you also consider this principle: when someone tells you who they are, you should believe them. They tell us who they are every time they refuse to publicly endorse the results of the 2021 election. Their motives are clear, and those motives are ugly. Let’s not hesitate to protect our democracy by securing voter rights, and to protect our future with The American Jobs Plan.

Thank you.


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