The Supreme Prejudice of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs “Decision”

by | Jul 9, 2022 | Opinions & Commentary, Human Rights & Justice

The inside of the United States Supreme Court. Photo: Phil Roeder, Wiki Commons

The Supreme Prejudice of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs “Decision”

by | Jul 9, 2022 | Opinions & Commentary, Human Rights & Justice

The inside of the United States Supreme Court. Photo: Phil Roeder, Wiki Commons
Instead of practicing justice, the Supreme Court has descended to the practice of prejudice—something we have all trusted that it would never do.

There really wasn’t a Supreme Court “Decision.”

I believe this is the definition of judge that is intended to be used by a Supreme Court Justice, indeed, any Judge at any level.
verb: “to form an opinion about through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premises.”

I think prejudge is what was used by the majority to make the recent “decision”: verb: “to judge before hearing or before full and sufficient examination.”

Prejudging is not a “decision,” it is a preconceived notion that is not put forward in evidence or premise. It is never “tested” in any way. It is what Judges spend a great deal of time instructing juries NOT to use. I would say, more than half of what a Judge tells a jury is not to prejudge, to set YOUR PERSONAL VIEWS ASIDE. Use only the law and evidence presented in court.

Essentially, the Supreme Court held itself to a lower standard than the lowest courts hold citizens to who are called to do jury duty.

Prejudge is the base of the word prejudice.

The prejudice in this case was religious doctrine which is, if one believes in it, inviolate. It cannot be judged, it can only be followed, ignored or refuted. The premise that existed and was not examined in this case has to do with the concept, belief in or existence of souls and when they “ensoul” a body.

Regardless of your beliefs—and I personally do believe in this idea though not in the Christian way—it has no place in a court of any kind.

Those who stand for the United States of America should be aware that that is how the courts are supposed to operate—without prejudice.

Peter Kjenaas

Peter Kjenaas

Peter Kjenaas is an author, screenwriter, theater director, producer, chef, AirBnB host, parent and caregiver extraordinaire. And now he adds travel writer to his resumé as he sets off across the country in a 1971 VW camper bus. But first and foremost he is a caring and productive human who has graciously allowed us to post some of his writings to this site. See his latest book at, and his travel adventures at Riders on the Storm Bus.


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